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If you want to visit in the Perm region and see the ethnic uniqueness of the Kama region, to meet its people and their way of life, meet interesting objects of wooden architecture, the road to you is in Khokhlovka.

Architectural and Ethnographic Museum "Khokhlovka" it is the open-air museum. In an area of 43 hectares contains the most attractive, interesting and important from the point of view of history with all the facilities once the Perm province.

For example, leaving from the  unique architectural complex of Solikamsk Ust-Borovsk salt production plant, which demonstrates the process for producing of salt from brine pumping out from the well before loading. To do this, on the territory of Khokhlovka in the most picturesque part of it on the banks of the Kama River there are a 12-meter bitter host tower, a hydrochloric chest-settler Varnitsa and salt barn. Extraction of salt - is one of the most important milestones in the history of the region, and not for nothing they call Permyakas  Permyak - the salty ears. More than five centuries of hard work to earn the nickname.

In addition to salt production complex in Khokhlovka there are collected another 19 monuments of wooden architecture of the end XVII - early XX centuries.

In another part of the Museum, on the site of the present village Mountain there is located Komi-Perm sector. There connected 5-6 peasant farmsteads, and any tourist will be interesting to look into the mansion of a wealthy farmer in the poor man's hut Permian Komis and cabin of a hunter.

Rising above fall into the sector of "North Prikamye ". Here you can stroll among the unique wooden buildings, which are examples of residential architecture of the region. The model for this sector of Khokhlovka was the Yanidor village of Cherdynskyi district. Buildings of this village was the typical villages of the northern territories of Perm region. Here you can get acquainted with a variety of vehicles - boats, barges, carts, sledges, scraper, which are widely used in the economy of the northern peoples.

A special place in the sector of  "South Prikamy" takes the bell tower, brought from Syr village. From a distance, the bell tower is visible peaked tent. It is the center of the exposure in the open, sharing the championship with the Mother of God Church in the Tohtarevo village (chopped in 1694). The church captivates the audience with its beauty and elegance. Both architectural monument brought from Suksun area and geographically installed at the highest point of the peninsula.

"Khokhlovka” surprised not only with  the monuments of wooden architecture. The secret is in the harmony of architecture and nature: from the top of a hill overlooking the landscape of rare beauty - expanses surface of the river, forested hills, cliffs along the bay; fir forest alternates with birch groves, juniper coexist with mountain ash, cherry, cranberry. And in winter you can relax from the bustle of the city, enjoy the beautiful scenery, see the icy expanses of the Kama River, the snow-covered roof of the church, the winter sun in a thick haze in the weightless white expanses ... "- so poetically describe the museum visited there.

Khokhlovka  is the first in the Urals architectural and ethnographic museum of wooden architecture in the open air. The museum began to form in 1969 and was opened to the public in September 1980.

Now Khokhlovka held annually has become traditional public events, festivals, folk festivals: "Seeing Pancake Day", "Trinity celebrations", "Feast", folk music festivals, military history and art festivals.

To get to the "Khokhlovka"  you can on the bus from the bus or private transport: Gayva - Ilinskoe highway and follow the signs (about 45 km).


  • departures bus to Khokhlovka;
  • arrival in Khokhlovka, sightseeing tour;
  • free time;
  • departures  to Perm;
  • arrival in Perm.
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