Geographic location

The Perm region is located at the western slopes of the Middle and Northern Ural at the boundary between Europe and Asia. 99.8% of the region is in Europe and only 0.2% in Asia.

The stela marks the border between Europe and Asia

The Perm region occupies over 160 thousand square kilometers (more than the total area of Greece) stretching for 645 kilometers from the North to the South and for 420 kilometers from the West to the East. The Perm region occupies circa one fifth of the Ural Economic Region and can be considered an Eastern outpost.

The northernmost point of the Kama River Region is the Pura-Munit Mountain (1094 meters) at 61 degrees and 39 minutes of the northern latitude. The southernmost point is near the former Elnik Village of the October District at 56 degrees and six minutes of the northern latitude. The westernmost points is one kilometer to the Northeast of Hill 236 at the divide of rivers Lepiu, Peles, Kazhim at 51 degrees 47 minutes of the eastern longitude and the easternmost point is the summit of the Khoza-Tump Ridge, the Rakht-Sori-Syakhl Mountain (1007 meters) at 59 degrees 29 minutes of the eastern longitude.

Map of the region

The region's borders are very wandering and stretch for over 2.2 thousand kilometers. In the north, the Perm region borders on the Komi Republic, in the west on the Kirov Region and Udmurtia, in the south on Bashkiria and in the east on the Sverdlovsk Region. The Perm region also includes the Komi Perm District.

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