Tourist Information Center

Tourist information centre is an agency founded and initiated by the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of the Perm Region with the view of developing, promoting and popularization of domestic and inbound tourism in the region. The core activity of TIC is to inform Russian and foreign tourists about traveling opportunities on the territory of the Perm region. The TIC consultants provide the visitors with all the necessary information on sightseeing, routes, events and about places of accommodation and transport.

Participation at touristic exhibitions, organization of events and forums focused on tourism, interaction with representatives of tourism business – are the main functions of TIC in promotion of the Perm region. In order to make traveling on the territory of the Perm region more convenient, TIC established new branches in Kungur and Solikamsk. The head office of TIC is in Perm.


39 Lenina, Perm
Tel: +7 (342) 214-10-80

19a Oktyabrskaya, Kungur
Tel: +7 (34271) 2-29-62

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ВизитПермь Контакты:
Адрес: ул. Ленина, 39 614000 Пермь,
Телефон:+7 (342) 214 10 80, Электронная почта: