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Sanatorium "Almed" is located at 25 km. from the center of the Perm city on the Kama river shore in a picturesque corner of the Kama, in areas with favorable climatic and geographical conditions, allowing the use of natural healing factors (mud, bromyodny brine, clay, speleological clinics).

ALMED is located in areas designated for siting recreational and therapeutic recreational purposes. On one side is adjacent urban forest area, on the other - the promenade and the beach area. Next to the sanatorium at 100 metres there is a parks with walking paths, winter ski trails; recreation park Kirov district of Perm, an area of ​​1.5 square kilometers in the further - pine forest.

The basic treatment consists of up to six types of procedures:

  • Balneotherapy: therapeutic baths - more than 10 varieties of baths (bromine, turpentine with a white or yellow emulsion, sea salt "Achilles", aromatic essential oils, medicinal, herbal, pearl).
  • "Dry" carbonic baths.
  • Healing showers: Charcot shower, circular shower, ascending shower, underwater shower massage.
  • Various types of massage: Manual massage: classical method, anti-cellulite, segmental, pressure point; Apparatus massage.
  • Physiotherapy: low-frequency currents, high frequency currents, microwave therapy, laser therapy, interstitual electrostimulation of Gerasimov, pneumomassage.
  • Thermotherapy: mineral wax, paraffin.
  • Mud: Lake Suksun sulphide mud, sapropel of Berezovskoe lake, mud from the Dead Sea.
  • Treatment of blue clay;
  • Monitor cleaning of the intestines;
  • Speleotherapy;
  • Physiotherapy
  • The mineralized biologically active artesian water like "Slavyanovskaya", "Borjomi", "Essentuki".
  • Phytococktails and inhalation.
  • Sauna, swimming pool and water aerobics.
  • Free Consultation: cardiology, gastroenterology, gynecology, urology, neurology, pulmonology, orthopedics.

Sanatorium year-round recreation camp for children 7 to 15 years. Accommodation in comfortable three-room, six-time diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables. Experienced proffesional staff, a variety of cultural and sports events.

Tours of the type "Mother and Child" - accommodation in 2-bed comfortable rooms, children with their parents are accepted from 3 years.

Leisure-time activities: rental of sports equipment, fitness center, billiards, table tennis, playground, library, daily cultural programs, trips.

Additional services: free parking, shop, hairdresser, hotel services, conferences, seminars, meetings, banquets.

Address: Perm, Kirovogradskaya str., 112
Tel.: +7 (342) 252-70-42

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