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Pirate rafting is a special event. Treasures, mysteries, pirates and pirates will entertain you throughout the trip. In the evening it is organised the best costume contest and fireworks.

The main action takes place in the most beautiful places in the river. During the rafting on the river you will see one of the most picturesque parts of the river. Along the banks of the mighty cliffs towering stones Stolby, Navisliy, Bolsoe Brevno, Kamen Omutnoy, rock Panoramnaya.


Day 1: Gathering at Petropavlovskaya str., 88 (ring of the Perm 2), the road to the Usva village (3-3.5 hours) upon arrival to obtain the equipment, passing instruction, lunch, river rafting to stone “Bolshoe brevno". Breaking camp, dinner, evening fire.

Day 2: Breakfast. The thematic program with a visit to the rock "Panoramnaya". Dinner. The thematic program with a visit to the stone "Bolshoe brevno". Sauna, dinner, evening fire.

Day 3: Breakfast, camp gathering rafting to Mys village (5-5.5 hours). Lunch, renting equipment, the back way to Perm to Petropavlovskaya str., 88 (ring of the Perm 2) (150 km). Departure from Perm: 7.00, return to Perm at : 23.00 + 1.00.


Pirate rafting on Usva passes 6-seater sports catamaran, accommodation at tents for 3 or 4 persons. Hiking with rises on the rocks, fishing, recreation, sitting around the campfire with a guitar.


Price of Pirate rafting is 5600 rubles. The price includes delivery by bus from Perm and back, rent of tourist equipment, general (catamaran, tent) and individual (backpack, sleeping bag, foam, dry sack), 3 meals a day, services of instructor, chefs, medical insurance.

Discounts for children. For the combined groups: children up to 9 years 50% discount, from 10 to 12 years 30% discount. For individual tours for children discounts are negotiated separately.

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