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If there is a bear paradise on earth – it is a Kvarkush. At this place the huge area of raspberry-yards, mountain  ash and many other bear delicacies lie.

But Kvarkush can go not only to get lucky by the tail, and even a glimpse of the animal world. Kvarkush Plateau  is a unique place where nature is miraculously brought together all the diversity of the natural landscape of the Northern Urals. At an altitude of 1000 meters above the sea level can be met and spruce-fir impassable taiga, and mountain woodlands with ferns in human growth and sub-alpine meadows with their famous grasses and mountain tundra reindeer. All of this can be covered in one day, just getting to the ridge, and zone by zone will be opened traveler eyes extraordinary landscapes.

About Kvarkush people joking, that here you can find mushrooms NADberezoviki. Joking aside, but how can that be - mushrooms above the trees? It's simple: the mushrooms on Kvarkush large and birch are dwarf. By the way, the birch is also unusual. Their trunks twisted into knots, curved, short and thick branches, and tops in the wind bent to the side.

Nature of  Kvarkush is  unique and rich. Locals are sent to graze in the meadow ridge herds of domestic animals. Besides, there's not uncommon to meet herd reindeer. That's what told about Kvarkush writer Victor Astafjev:

"Kvarkush - this is one of the largest peaks of the Urals. It originated several Ural rivers - Iazva, Yaiva, Tsepel and others. But do not these rivers and marvelous beauty of Northern Ural here we go, although they can talk endlessly. It's about the pastures, located on the slopes of Kvarkush about Ural alpine meadows and even about the guys of Verh-Yazvenskaya  schools that help adults to use these fields and help the collective farmers, their fathers and mothers.

I first heard about the alpine pastures of an old man on Yayva ten years ago. He told about  them as mythical land of El Dorado, and lamented that no one believes him, and he saw with his own eyes the meadows, where "the grass above the people’s hight,  which, like cattle, wandering herds of deer, moose and other animals." Ashamed to say, I do not believe the old man, because there is already a lot of wandering in the Urals, and seemed to represent what it is.

But once in the regional newspaper "Zvezda", a note entitled "On the alpine meadows of the Ural", which with haste of newspaper it was reported that a number of collective of Krasnovishersk district of the Perm region for several years sent non-milking cattle on  Tsepelskie meadows and that students of the Verh- Yazvenskaya school headed by their  teacher Borowskiy help in this work.

So Ural alpine meadows is still there! .. "

Kvarkush plateau is located in Krasnovishersk district , between Ulsom river and the upper Yayva.  The word "quar-kush" is translated from the Mansi peoples language and means "Naked Ural". And it is indeed at the highest altitude of 1000 meters - there is no vegetation, and the top of the ridge is decorated with kurumnik placers, rocks, outcrops, snow, lots of mountain streams and rivers flowing down the slopes of the mountain range. To the east the plateau surrounds by Uls River, which flows into the Vishera. Here you can find a unique natural phenomenon - bogs, eyes sometimes appear as small lakes with water bright blue.

The geometry of the ridge called unique. Firstly, Kvarkush divided into several high fragments separated by deep gully. Central Plateau stretches to 400 meters in length and from 4 to 10 kilometers in width. The northern part of the plateau stands a long, low mountain coffin. In the center of the plateau rises the highest point - Mount Vogulsky Stone (1066 meters). And in the southern part there are  rocky outcrops "settled" here, called the three brothers.

Everyone who was on Kvarkush in clear weather offers an inspiring picture of the mountain Ploskaya, Kruglaya, rush Pai Myk, "mound" of Mount Grob, monumental Vogulskiy stone.

It should be added that all those who attended the Kvarkush celebrate its special power that reigns in these parts. And it is believed that Kvarkush is very supportive of tourists and allow them to organize any kind of travel, be it river rafting, hiking, walking and recreation, mountain trekking, biking, white water rafting, and other combinations.

To get to the Kvarkush plateau, you need to get from Perm to Krasnovishersk, then along a dirt road to the village Zolotanka, then about 17 km to the south in the upper reaches of the river Pelya. It was there that begins the pedestrian part of the route. It is convenient to combine the ascent of the mountain range with a visit of Zhigalanskiye waterfalls.


  • Bus departure from Perm;
  • Arrive to Zhigalan river;
  • sightseeing of the waterfalls;
  • ascent to Plateau Kvarkush;
  • bus departure to Perm.


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