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Chudesnitsa Cave is one of the most unique and beautiful caves of the Perm region. It is located on the left bank of the river Chusovaya tributary - river Ponysh. An attractive cave sinters make different shapes on the walls and ceilings of caves. The history of the cave began in 1974, when cavers of  Lysva Syropyatov and Sidorov had opened it and began to study.

Now Chudesnitsa is very popular place for tourists. In the midst of alloys not surprising phenomenon may turn at the entrance to the cave.

The cave is called a true miracle of nature. Travelers in a hurry here to see the stalactites, stalagmites, cone-shaped, tubular stalactites (cavers gave them a funny name - "pasta"), Mountains, cave pearls, natёchnuyu bark helictites cascading sinters, corallites, helictites, snow-white "moon milk". In the cave there is its own boss - one of the sag is shaped like a fabulous creature.

To find the entrance to the cave you should to climb the steep slope to 50 meters above the river. Here tourists meet the narrow cleft horizontal length of 2 meters and a height of 30 centimeters. Exercise is not for simpletons, and tourists are overweight have hard hit the cave and travel between caves. Laz even nicknamed "of crawls." Squeezed into this little slot must be overcome 4 meters, after which the karst cavity expands and eyes the first Great Grotto Caves. Grotto justifies its name - its length is 30 meters, width - 6 m, and the height reaches up to 3 meters. Tis place is  very cool even in  summer.

More travelers are waiting for more great views. The most beautiful part of the cave, however, offers only the most attentive. The next Grotto is a small vertical hole - meander - and here it is something just not easy to find. But breaking it, one can breathe freely and easily, the charm of the cave looking Chudesnitsa. Here the vaults of caves up to 8 meters. Grottoes with the speaker called Hall, Hope, Devil, Sink welcome tourists, inspiring majestic views.

The cave has a second tier, and you can get there through the mainsail Dolphin. Get to it is not difficult - it is necessary to follow the left branch in the grotto of Hope.

The cave itself is easy to pass, and special skills of climbing and related equipment are not required. The length of the cave is 512 meters. Its inspection takes 1.5-2 hours.

A pleasant continuation of the study of the cave will walk along a well-trodden path to the top of Mount Kladovoy stone. It offers a wonderful view of the river valley of Ponysh arrays and Ural taiga. Chudesnitsa and Kladovoy stone Mount are natural monuments of the Perm region.

Particularly interesting may seem interesting to try to find the entrance to other caves, hiding in the rocks on the Ponyshe. There are a great amount of them here such as  Large Ponyshskaya, Ponyshskaya-1 Kennel, cave of Three Mice, Griffin 1 and Griffin 2, Vulcan,  Asterisk, Deniskina, PE-1.

To get to the cave Chudesnitsa, we must make the effort. The cave is located in Chusovoy area at a distance of 7 kilometers from the nearest town - the village of Ust-Koiva. Chudesnitsa is located upstream on the other side of the Chusovaya. Therefore, the summer should be melted down over the river, and in the winter to get on snowmobiles.

You can get to the cave from Lysva  side also - from the village Obmanka -2.

But the easiest way to get into Chudesnitsa is to do it while rafting on the river Chusovaya. On the path that starts from the stone Ponysh, at the mouth of the same river.


Day 1: The road to  Ust-Koiva village. Production equipment, the passage of the briefing. Dinner. Rafting down the river to the mouth of the river Ponysh. Campsite, dinner, evening fire.

Day 2: Breakfast, hike to the cave "Chudesnitsa" and on the rock "Pantry." Lunch, the collection camp, rafting to rock "Shaitan" with a stop at the stone "Plakun." Campsite, dinner, evening fire.

Day 3: Breakfast, camp gathering, alloy to Arkhipovka village past the stones, "Deaf", "Vashkur", "Scallop". Lunch gathering of catamarans, renting equipment, the way back to Perm.


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