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Basque it meens  so beautiful. This north Russian word gave the name of one of the most beautiful mountain ranges of the Ural Mountains. Basegi is located in the eastern part of Perm region, surrounded by scenic ocean boundless taiga. Once united, the ridge is now divided into three points. Northern, Middle and Southern Basegi stretch for 30 kilometers from north to south.

In 1982 this place was organized as Reserve to preserve the beauty and virginity of the Ural forests. And now it really does not cut down the last major taiga array of the Middle Urals. From the slopes of the ridge running down clear mountain streams and rivers. All of them are the place spawning grayling and trout, and their water is fed Chusovaya tributaries. The reserve area is now almost 38 thousand hectares. And it is the second largest reserve in the Perm region.

Basegiis  really unique place, where can have be fun both academic researchers and tourists.

The reserve is of great scientific value. On top of the ridge extends a unique mountain-tundra belt, the lower level to fight spread its beauty subalpine meadows. The rise to the top is a bright opportunity to see these bands of dark spruce forests and bright, light-filled meadows. All together this is a place of concentration of rare species of flora and fauna. This confirms the fact that of the 480 species of plants among them 40 are listed in the Red Book.

The reserve has a tour ecological route. The route on foot and leads to the top of the North Basegi. Raising simple, like a pleasant stroll the length of 1.5 kilometers with a height of almost 500 meters to a height of 952 meters. While the tourists up the ecological trail, will have time to enjoy the fresh air, scents and sounds of the forest, the birds singing, beautiful views of the Ural nature. There is just possible to make out the plants listed in the Red Book.

Within the reserve live such rare species of animals: wolverine, mink, otter, flying squirrel, badger. Occasionally wild boar, roe deer come here as guests. The birds like  this place such as - goshawk, sparrow hawk, hen harrier, buzzard, kestrel.

The highest point of the reserve is the central peak of the ridge - the mountain Middle Basegi, whose height is 994 meters.

Many hundreds of years worked on the nature overlooking tops of these ridges. Now there you can find many eroded rock buttes similar, for example, a camel, a dog. These stones are all that occur during the ascent to the top, covered with moss and lichen. Because of this the  stones are in different colors, beautiful.

Lure to the reserve Basegi that there are some miracles here. And the mountains are opened to you, when it did not expect that already do not believe that will be able to see the beautiful panorama of the Ural forests and feel the beauty, the power and strength of the mountains.

Since the area is reserved visiting it is strictly regulated. For any questions, please contact the administration of the reserve, where you can getting a pass to the territory.


  • the departure from Perm;
  • arrival at the check point of the reserve;
  • sightseeing tour at the reserve;
  • movement on the bank of the river Usva;
  • possible tour in the tract "Eranina village";
  • Departure to Perm.


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