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The Perm region has a wonderful place, an approach which is open to only one geographical side. It is Adovo lake. To it  you can get only from the western side, the secret to the other sides of the lake guarding by the numerous swamps.

Adovo lake is in Gaynskom area. Place has earned its reputation as a mystical object for several reasons.

Lake occupies a small area of ​​about four hectares and has an egg-shaped three kilometers in length and two - wide. The lake does not have accurate data on their depth. It is believed that depth may be about 10 meters, but in some places that figure can increase greatly.

In addition, the strange circumstances every spring the lake begins to bubble and boil. Scientists have suggested about certain geological processes, but so far it remains speculation.

The lake is never quiet, even in calm weather. Surging wave clock shaking the surface of the reservoir, in the middle of the lake tightened strongest maelstrom. Neither fishermen nor the birds try to stay away from the whirlpool and stay closer to shore. But this water is quite clear and the lake is full of fish, most of which has a very large size.

The history of the lake shrouded in legend.

They say that at the bottom of the lake is a treasure. And when a few brave souls have decided to get the treasure, but to get to the middle of the lake, fell out. They could not decide - who will throw the first network. The quarrel over the fact that the boat capsized during the fight, and swirl hoged all to the bottom. As the locals say - is the devil dragged quarrel at the bottom. By the way, since that time  the lake  become called Adovo.

Another legend says that the lake drowned the Gentiles, who refused to accept Christianity.

Modern history tells that the lake from airplanes thrown off radioactive waste.

But perhaps the most curious and mysterious history is connected with the underwater monster who is  a resident of Adovo lake. It is described differently. Who is his mutant fish who is a reptile, but there are those who compare it with the Loch Ness Monster. No one is able to see underwater creatures, because it appeared for a moment above the water surface and then disappear. The scientists did not find signs of the existence of the monster, but the locals believe that it exists. And winter drilled wells to feed the unusual "neighbor."

Perhaps such stories inspires locals repeatedly noticed gigantic pike, able to grasp the float on the water surface duck. But even if scientists could not give an answer, the story adds to the strangeness and mystique to this place.

There is another unusual feature of the lake. Old-timers say that the fish from the lake disappears mysteriously. If in shallow water often can be seen as a splash and frolic fry pack, it is already a big fish to catch it does not - how not to throw bait.

Of course, a visit to the Adovo lake is the case for the brave. Not everyone wanted to personally verify the existence of an underground monster and feel the mystique of the place. But the attraction of the place can be called without a doubt. That there is a chance to catch the secular age and gigantic fish. Or listen to the legend of the lake by local residents.

To get to the Adovo lake, you need to go to the village Gainy further in the direction of the village saves, thence along the old narrow road to Adovo lake. It should be noted that this road is quite complicated: after the destruction of bridges and swamps. In winter you can reach the lake only by snowmobile.


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