7 Nebo

Solikamsk, Tourists Camps

Having a rest in our hotel is like being in the seventh heaven!

The hotel complex "7 Nebo” is very popular among the guests and the residents of the city. It is a beautiful place in a pine forest within the city where you can have rest with family or friends, as well as to hold corporate events, anniversaries, celebrations, receptions of the official delegations. "7 Nebo” has long ago become a favorite place for the organization of the holidays, proms for you and your children. In addition, here you can spend the school holidays, children’s holidays, and weekends.

  • Hotel center

Our hotel center can provide the guests with accommodation and decent staying.

For business travelers arriving to Solikamsk for the long term, we can offer a decent apartments located directly at the territory of the complex.

Today, the hotel fund of “7 Nebo” consists of two guest houses of class “apartments” with thematic interiors and two rooms of economy class. Up to 25 people can be accommodated directly at the territory of the complex.

Each cottage has a kitchen with a gas or electric stove and hood, as well as the sink for washing dishes. The guests can use a refrigerator, microwave oven, electric kettle, and a necessary set of dishes.

Guests are provided with (included in accomodation price): individual kits for brushing teeth, shaving, shower gel, shampoo, soap, 3-4 towels. The automobile transport of our guests can be parked at the guarded parking on the hotel territory for free.

  •  Café “7 Nebo”

It is a cozy place (50 seats) where you can comfortably spend time with family, friends, and colleagues.

The Russian cuisine dishes are cooked according to the original recipes from environmentally friendly and natural products of the farm of Tolstik Village from Zakamskaya side. The lingonberries and cranberries and pickled mushrooms are harvested in the villages in the upper Kama and Vishera areas specifically for “7 Nebo”.

The cozy atmosphere and an individual approach to each guest. We are happy to see you!

  • Rope town “7 Nebo” is a part of the project  named as “Everything will take place on top!”

The modern rope town designed for children from 6 years and adults meets all the safety requirements. This is a real extreme within the city. Complicated and easy steps. At the end of the route - a super offer: downhill on “bungee” (trolleys of 20 and 70 m). For each visitor there is an equipment and instruction.

  • Russian bath with birch wood

It is an excellent tool for relaxation when the busy work schedule, frequent business meetings may require you to restore the power quickly. There is everything to be in good shape: strong and healthy steam on the stove with the mineral of health – jadeite, birch brooms traditionally harvested in July, plus a swimming pool and a massage chair.

  • Territory of rest
A lot of attention is paid to the improvement of our complex. The well-groomed lawns, rock gardens, rockeries, artificial ponds, pavilions and other elements of landscape design provide the territory of the complex an unusual charm. It is so nice to spend here the days and breathe the fresh forest air with the scent of pine needles.z

Address: Solikamsk,  str. Vseobucha, 200
Tel.: +7 (34253) 9-08-88
web-site: http://7nebo-otel.ru/
E-mail: box@ 7nebo-otel.ru

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