Polyudov Stone

Krasnovishersk, Wonders of Nature

Polyudov Stone or Polyud-parma (529 meters) is the so-called southern terminus of Polyudov Ridge which begins on the right bank of Vishera River at Bakhari Village. At the height of more than 500 meters the bare tip of Polyud represents a heap of stones and slabs. A ridge of Pomyanenny (Kolchimsky) Stone is further extension of the ridge to the southeast.

From the top of Polyud you can see the dozens of kilometers around. In good weather, you can see the north-east tip of Tulymsky Stone – the highest point of Perm region, in the east – Main Ural Ridge; right under your feet you can see the tape of Vishera and Krasnovishersk, in the west – the bell towers and domes of Cherdyn.

     Address: Krasnovishersk, Bakhari

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