Memorial Center of the History of Political Repression “Perm-36”

Chusovoy, Museums

The single in Russia museum of the history of political repression “Perm-36” includes the preserved and reconstructed buildings of the camp (correctional labor colony) for political prisoners where during the Soviet era the dissidents, nonconformists, active fighters for the human rights in the Soviet Union, the opponents of the communist regime, the protagonists for national independence of enslaved people – politicians, public figures, writers, scientists – people whose ideas and efforts have contributed to the downfall of the misanthropic regime were held in the harsh conditions, suffered and died. “Perm-36” was included to the international coalition of the Museums of Conscience which consist of the museums from the dozens of countries around the world which has broken with their totalitarian past. 

“The History of One Camp”; “The Government and the People of Russia”; “The Kama region. Repression. 30-50-years”; “The Kama region. The XX century”.

How to get to "Perm-36" by bus

If you want to get to Perm-36 by bus, you need bus, going through the town of Chusovoy. This bus should stop at the turn to village Kutschyno. There are three bus routes.

Bus to Aleksandrovsk (№644): 8.45, 13.00

Bus to Lysva (№796). It goes at 7.10, 10.35, 11.05, 11.55, 12.25, 13.50

Bus to Kisel (№771). It goes at 7.50, 9.55.  

The point of departure is a Central Bus Station (Revolution st., 68). You could buy a ticket to Kutschyno at the cash box. It will cost about 270 rub. A return ticket you can buy in the bus.

At the beginning of a trip ask driver to stop at the turn to Kutschyno. You will cross small village Mahnutino and keep going 2 km to Kutschyno. The museum is situated at the edge of the village. 

The bus schedule here

Address: Kuchino
Office Address: Perm, Gagarin Boulevard 10, 122

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