Perm Bear Legend

Perm, Monuments and sculpture

Bear is a symbol of Perm region but this is not the only reason due to which the sculpture appeared in the center of the region capital. The monument appearance idea is associated with the thinking of the foreigners that “the bears shall walk around the streets of Ural cities”. This animal is depicted on the emblems of Perm region, Komi District and the city of Perm. Bronze bear with weight of 1 ton was brought from Yekaterinburg on June 11, 2009 one day before the celebration of the Perm City Day and was installed near Ural Hotel. 

The authors of the walking bear design are a group of artists led by the sculptor Vladimir Pavlenko from Nizhny Tagil, member of the Union of Russian Artists and UNESCO International Association of Art. The Foundation of Russian Sculptors “Edinenie” poured the bear from bronze. 

Since the appearance of taliped in the center of Perm, the townspeople have a belief that if a person rubs a bronze bear’s nose, he/she will be fortunate, and the guest of the city will return to our land. The bear monument is an end point of “Green Line”, the main pedestrian route of the city of Perm.

Photos by Tourist information center.

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