Perm, Monuments and sculpture

The sculpture of Alexander Popov was opened in Perm in the summer of 2011. The work of an artist Marina Erkovich became the first monument to the inventor of the radio in the city, where he spent his youth. Metal statue depicting Alexander Popov was installed within the framework of the 6th International Festival of Sculpture "Season of the Arts" on the campus of the Perm State University. 

The sculpture, made of downpipes and roofing iron, is called «Good morning, Mr. Popov». Metal inventor seemed to dance to music, putting the device to his ear, similar to the transistor from the 80s of the 20th century.

In addition to the monument, the street, the college and the lecture room in the university in Perm are named after Popov. The bas-relief depicting the famous graduate was installed on the former building of the seminary, where he once studied.

Address: cinema "Kristall-IMAX"

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