Beginning of Perm Region

Lysva, Monuments and sculpture

The shape of the monument “Beginning of Perm region” which was installed in Kyn Village in July 2010 follows the outline of the ceremonial badge “Bear in the Sacrificial Position” – one of the most famous samples of Perm animal style considered a “calling card” of the Kama region. Most of the archaeological finds with the image of such bears were found near Kyn Village – for this reason they have been immortalized here.

The height of cast iron monument is 3 meters, width is 2 m. The weight is more than 5 tons. The sculptor Anatoly Chagochkin is the author of the monument. The monument was cast at Lysva Metallurgical Plant.

It already “acquired” its own legend: because it repeats in detail the ancient ritual image of a bear (one of the beasts which are the most revered for the ancient inhabitants of the Kama region), it is believed that by applying to the recesses near the bear paws, you can “recharge” the energy of the ancestors.

Address: Lysva, Kyn

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