Beliy kamen'

Beliy kamen'
Non-profit organization
Charitable Fund raising "White stone" was established in May 2000.
 In 2004 an excursion destination appeared, the Department of regional tourism was created. The division has develops new tour routes, and actively implements new approaches in the excursion business, for example, the inclusion in tours of historical reenactment, theatrical, conducting tours, methods of immersion in the history and atmosphere of the Perm region.
Among recent major projects — "Perm: an animated history" — theatrical excursions in Perm and Perm district. We create unusual tours, in accordance with the interests of the customer.
Highly qualified specialists will make your journey through the Ural fascinating and memorable.

Address: Perm, Bulvar Gagarina, 46, 801
Phones: +7 (342) 257-12-19, +7 (342) 257-12-20, +7 (342) 20-33-678

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Адрес: ул. Ленина, 39 614000 Пермь,
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