Animal Life

Perm Region’s animal life includes 62 species of mammals, 270 species of birds, 42 species of fish, 6 species of reptiles and 9 species of amphibians. Many of them are targets of commercial and amateur hunting and fishing. Most animals in the Perm region are of European origin but Siberian species occur as well.

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Badge Bear

The common marten is a widespread predator in the Perm region. In terms of its marten population, the region has one of the highest rates in Russia. Ermines and weasels inhabit all local forests. Badgers and otters inhabit southern and central districts and northern ones are home to wolverines. Bears and lynxes are present all over the Perm region, albeit in small numbers. The wolf is also present everywhere.

Most predators and artiodactyls have high commercial value. Some of them (ermines, otters, martens and elks) can be hunted only be special permits (licenses). Roes and reindeers are protected species, and hunting them is prohibited.

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Wood-grouse Deer

Elks inhabiting fringe and hedgerow timbers dominate artiodactyls in the Kama River Region. Roes migrate to the eastern districts from the adjacent Sverdlovsk Region during low-snow winters. Deer migrate to the northern districts from the Komi Republic.

The most common species of 200 bird species are capercailzies, grouses, hazel hens, crossbills, and several species of tomtits, with such migratory birds as starlings, thrushes, rooks and swallows encountered as well. The most frequently seen birds of prey are eagles, owls, crows and magpies.

Capercailzies, grouses and hazel hens are commercially valuable.
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