The winter usually starts in November (when the snow falls out) and is frequently long with snow remaining until April and even until May in the north of the Perm region or circa 170 to 190 days a year. By March, snow grows 80 to 90 centimeters thick in the north of the Territory and 60 to 70 centimeters thick in the south. The average January temperature in the Perm region is -17 degrees Centigrade. The region also sees harsh and cold winters with strong winds. The absolute minimum temperature in the north of the Territory is -53 degrees Centigrade. Given harsh ambient conditions, strong winds and frosts, winter expeditions must be carefully prepared.

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Tourists can find more accommodating conditions while travelling in the Perm region in summer that is moderately warm in the Kama River Region. July is the warmest month. The average July temperature in the northeast of the region is +15 degrees Centigrade and +18.5 degrees Centigrade in the southwest. The absolute maximum temperature is as high as +38 degrees Centigrade.

Bathing is possible for 30 days in the north and up to 100 days in the south.

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