Prikamskie pelmeni

You come to a cafe and you have a dream about dinner, you choose salad a long time and something else, extraordinary exotic. Then, you had eyes on a menu line: "Prikamskiye pelmeni". And a waiter serves the dish. On an elastic surface melted oil flows down, the stuffing mysteriously darkens, and your hands move to pour this magnificent dish with sour cream.

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Eating greedily a fantastic dish, you can prove to the interlocutor for a long time that your grandmother made it makes no sense to compare them. You continue talking with the filled mouth about the Uzbek manty (big dumplings), such huge that only two pieces hardly get on a plate, but you can put down a few tens of our pelmeni. And have you ever tried the Armenian boroni (dumplings)? And khinkali?.. So, why do we talk about foreign dishes?! Is there anything more delicious, than our pelmeni on the earth? An invariable dish since the XIV century, which can get together a few generations at the table.

Pelmeni is a symbol of family life

Have you ever seen such situation? The day off. The whole family meets around the table and make pelmeni on a huge board. Children help too, trying to put into ready ones a coin or a piece of garlic for luck. There are many traditions in Prikamye. connected with pelmeni. The Perm Tatars have many of them. For example, the girl ate a salty dumpling before going to bed, and who would come in her dream "to drink water" was a groom. Can you imagine? Salty dumpling before going to bed! Many grooms will come with water. In Ordynskiy region 44 dumplings with different fillings were made. The variety was not small. The dumpling with flour meant a rich groom, the dumpling with meat meant life without problems, the dumpling with pepper, unfortunately, meant unhappy life and the dumpling with wool meant happy life.

You are ready to make everything for the sake of a happy family life: to eat a dumpling with wool and learn to cook. Cooking pelmeni is a simple and at the same time difficult activity. The simplicity in a structure: all you need for dough is just flour, water and eggs. It is difficult to make such dough which people named "steep". The golden mean of skill is somewhere between "hard" and "watery" dough. Comprehending a difference, you will learn to do the proper dough, which holds well a filling.

Prikamskiye pelmeni are always made and freezed well, based on ice spring water and contain three types of meat. Generally, the words «prikamskiy» and «durable» are synonyms. This is not frivolous Italian ravioli with a filling of complete herbage combination, and with souse, which takes too much time that you forget what you have cooked. Even the tiny Chinesejiaozi (Chinese dumplings), which are famous for huge quantity of fillings, will never replace pelmeni, which are so dear to our heart.

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Can you imagine the reaction of your close people if you serve a platе with ten tiny nubbins after three-hour toil in the kitchen? You will be explaining for a long time that ten is a successful number, showing thirteen holes in the each nubby. Even a story about thirteen Chinese dynasties and a lotus box will not help to ease the hunger of your hungry relatives.

Even nutritionists advise to use habitual food from local products. Our dish will not boast of an inconceivable form and a piece of ice instead of a filling.

A proper pelmen’

Pelmeni have to be "wrinkled", dough "steep", the filling is obliged to contain three types of meat: beef — 45%, mutton — 35%, pork — 20%.

And at last: the real pelmeni have to emerge twice during cooking. As you can see, everything is quite simple. You need just a little patience, and our national dish is a number one on your plate.

Rich and tasty

Did you have a feeling that you are not fed up when you leave a Japanese restaurant? And what do you feel after eating pelmeni? Nothing! A soft bed will be the only thing to dream of. You can object that now exotic is in fashion and flour and fat meat is a high-calorie dish. Yes. It is high-calorie. But is it bad? Our pelmeni is an ideal food in the conditions of a severe Ural winter which lasts nearly half a year. Ideal to feed a healthy hungry man, and not just to feed, but also to give him special pleasure. Such pleasure that a Russian man will dream about a plate of pelmeni in every spot on the globe and at any heat.

You should not think that pelmeni is especially men's dish. Make a filling with eggs and leaves of a young nettle and you will have on the table "fitness dish" where a quantity of carbohydrates and fats are the same as in a bowl of soup.

I will notice that every Japanese man respects rice and crude fish. He bows to them all the time and knows a technology of preparation sushi and sashimi perfectly. That is why we wait for New Year and an arrival of the grandmother to make traditional "a dough ear"!

Let’s roll up your sleeves and make it.
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