One of Russian traditional drinks which was considered as "love": in the ancient time there was a custom to cook a mead for young spouses. It was used on a wedding feast and a month more after it, from where an expression "honeymoon" went.


In industrial sizes the mead is not cooked today, however it is possible to try to make it for the personal use.

It is required:
  • 2 kg of honey,
  • 4 glasses of water,
  • 4-5 kg of cherry.

Put honey in the enameled ware, pour over water and make a syrup, periodically stirring slowly and removing the appearing foam. In a large bottle with a narrow neck or in a keg put out the cleared of stones and washed cherry, pour over it with a previously cooked syrup, then cover capacity with a damp rag and leave in the warm room for 3 days.

When the mixture begins to ferment, take out a large bottle in a cellar and, having stopped up anhole with the curtailed piece of a canvas, leave for the preparation. Honey is ready for the use in 3 months. However, the longer the mead is drawn, the more tasty the drink will be.
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