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History of Belogorsk St. Nicholas Monastery began in 1891 and was not easy. It were fires and the vicissitudes of the elements, and the arrival of Soviet power, which for decades was interrupted familiar life in this place.

Pearl of the Perm region is Belogorsk Monastery it is at the top of White Mountain, which is 100 kilometers from Perm, or 85 kilometers from Kungur. White mountain named because the snow is not melting for a long time. And if you look at photos of the monastery, the winter in the snow pictures and inei are the most fascinating.

Monastery is one of the main attractions of the Perm region - called the Ural Athos, comparing the beauty and majesty of the White Mountain landscapes of Mount Athos. In addition, the statute of life Belogorsky monks was strict and is designed for the model of Mount Athos.

The main monastery of Holy Cross Cathedral impresses with its size, power and grandeur. Now, as before its golden domes of kilometers attract the attention of its radiance, pointing the way to numerous travelers. At the previous time, it is rushed here over 70 thousand pilgrims.

One hundred years ago Belogorie was one of the richest monasteries. Its arable land, meadows, ponds, mill, apiary, more than 14 craft workshops, and besides there own darkroom and printing houses. It was opened an orphanage, a parish school and a hospice for the elderly.

Unfortunately, the arrival of the Soviet government put an end to a successful living of Belogorsk monastery. At various times it housed a camp for the repressed and the special settlers, the hospital for the mentally ill, nursing home of the Great Patriotic War, and child labor. A fire in 1980 left the monastery for a long time neglected. Restoration work began later, thanks to the parishioners.

The territory of the Belogorsk monastery is a huge, very picturesque, and from the lookout near Holy Cross Cathedral offers a wonderful view of the Ural forests.

People who was there tell about the special atmosphere of grandeur and mystery that reigns around. And if you want to know a little more than talk about the different sources of the monastery is go to the Belogorsk Monastery, White Mountain, and it will give you the answers.

To reach to the Belogorsk monastery, you can by yourself: go on the federal highway Perm-Ekaterinburg, before reaching Kungur, turn on the Kalinino village, will continue to be a pointer to the White Mountain. In addition, from the bus station to the Kalinino goes shuttle bus number 512, but will then have to walk about 12 kilometers to the White Mountains.


  • Bus departure from Perm;
  • arrival at Belogorsky monastery, a sightseeing tour with a visit to the Cathedral of Holy Cross;
  • Lunch in the refectory of the monastery;
  • free time;
  • bus departure to Perm;
  • arrival in Perm.


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