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The story of  appearing on the geographical map of the Perm region of Channel  Kopan associated with Ocher ironworks, which was once owned by Count Stroganov. The plant operated from 1759 by producing high quality products. Due to the use of charcoal in the production technology, the iron of the factory was durable and resistable to rust for decades. The plant used the mechanism of the water when falling water powered the energy dissipating wheels, giving energy to produce. It was this that gave a problem in the summer, when there was a drop of water, and the pond near the plant shoaling. Manufacturing idle, workers go on vacation, Russia received less iron.

The situation was decided to change by the bond hydraulics Bushuev. It offers Stroganov to dig a canal that would connect the two rivers Ocher and Chasha. He suggested this to increase the water content of the pond.

For 2 years  the five thousand of bond farms worked on the creation of the channel. 1.5 kilometers long, 100 meters wide and 40 meters deep, dug 400,000 cubic meters of earth - the canal was completed in 1814 and immediately received its name.

However, this turned out to be a hell of manual labor useless. The channel is only slightly changed the water level in the Ocherskiy pond.

Now Kopan Channel - is a unique and remarkable natural and historical object of the Perm region. It became a popular tourist attraction, not only because of its history of creation.

At the bottom of the stream channel flows, the water of which formed in several places by waterfalls. They are very attractive to pilgrims. The metal and rope ladders allows you to go down at the bottom of the channel. But for climbers channel challenge - to go down to 40 meters on the steep edge of the canal. In addition, it is a popular place for picnics, especially since the territory is treated against ticks. But the forests along the shores of the channel - it's a nice bonus for each visitor, and a gift for fans of the Ural nature.

Channel Kopan is located at 30 km west of Ocher. To reach it you can by car to travel by road M7 "Volga" (Moscow - Vladimir - Nizhniy Novgorod - Kazan - Ufa) in the south-west of the Kuliki village, then turn right and drive about 2 km to the north. Or go by direct bus links Perm-Ocher or transit route from Perm to Chaikovskiy, Izhevsk, Naberezhnye Chelny, Vereshchagino, and others.


  • Bus departure from Perm;
  • ightseeing tour of the Ocher;
  • dinner;
  • visiting of Kopan channel;
  • bus departure to Perm.


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