Painted Stone (Pisany Kamen)

Krasnovishersk, Wonders of Nature

Painted Stone is located 50 km to the east-northeast from Krasnovishersk, on the right bank of Vishera River above Pisanaya Village. It is the right river bank slope terminating at the river by cliffs with height of up to 80 meters. The rocks are split by ravines. One of the rocks has the rock paintings made with ocher. The remains of sacrificial places of the Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Early Iron Age and the Middle Ages are found at the foot of the rock with paintings.

The stone is often visited by tourists during the passage of water routes along Vishera. There is a comfortable forest meadow for camp at the stone. Several trails lead to the stone top. From the top of the stone there is a beautiful view of Vishera valley.

Address: Krasnovishersk, right bank of Visher River

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