Ledyanaya Mountain

Kungur, Wonders of Nature

Ledyanaya Mountain is located at the north-eastern outskirts ofKungur coccupying the water-dividing space between the Sylva and Shakva Rivers. The solid mass of mountain is a unique geological object located at the western wing of Ufimian embankment included into the lowland of the Middle Cis-Ural region. The square of mountain is 22 sq. km, and it is limited from the north and west by the mouth of the Shakva River, from south – by the Sylva River, from east – by the water-dividing area between the large ravines.

The Ledyanaya Mountain vegetation is represented by three types: forest, meadow and vegetation of the gypsum and limestone denudations. The vegetation of stony denudations of the Sylva River bank which preserved its natural look is of the greatest interest. The following protected plant species can be found at Ledyanaya Mountain: feather grass, red helleborine, common rockrose, Taliyev thyme.

The surface of Ledyanaya Mountain and Kungur Ice Cave are closely connected to each other: through the organ pipes and funnels on the surface the cave is breathing due to the freely permeable rocks in which the cave is located. It is forbidden to pick flowers, collect medicinal herbs, cut down the trees, and kindle the fires on Ledyanaya Mountain.

The surface of Ledyanaya Mountain is covered by karst funnels.

Address: Kungur district, between the Sylva and Shakva Rivers.

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