Cherdyn, Wonders of Nature

Divya cave is one of the longest caves in the Urals. It is located in Cherdynsky district on the right bank of the River Kolva in 10 km to the north of Nyrob. It was first described in 1770. The plan of the cave was made in 1949. According to the plan, the length of the cave is 9750 m. Its inlet is small (the height is 0.5 m, the width is 1.5 m) and it’s located on the slope at an altitude of 90 meters above the level of the river.

The cave is a series of galleries. Nowadays there is no active stream flows in the cave. There is a row of underground lakes. The largest lake is located in the grot of the Sun. It has a length of 96 m and surface area of 180 sq m. In addition to the large grots, such as Vetlan, The Virgin’s, Gvozdetsky’s and others, there are many narrow and low passages and manholes.

The cave is characterized by a diversity of sinter forms, such as stalagmites, stalactites, pillars, wall inundations and gurs. In the grot Kruzhevnoy they resemble curtains trimmed with patterned fringe, in the Crystal grot they are similar to bunches of grapes, in the Indian grot they look like columns and multilevel pagodas. A rare formation was found in the Gallery of Wonders, that is cave pearl of two kinds. They are pearly white of 25 mm and globular, sometimes oval, cream-coloured up to 3-4 sm. The cave is inhabited by several species of bats. It has the status of a natural monument.

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