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On the western branch of the Urals Mountain group, in the endless ocean of taiga arose one of the most picturesque ridges – the Baseg Ridge. Once solid, now it consists of three different peaks: the North, the Middle and the South Baseg.

The ridges are located in the East-Western direction from north to south. The name Baseg origins from a north Russian word “baskoi” which means “beautiful”.  The woods in the Baseg region represent the last taiga uncut vast forestland of the western part of the Middle Ural. Therefore, these woods are an excellent sample of taiga natural ecosystem. 

In 1982 there was established a nature reserve park with the aim of saving the Middle Ural fir trees forests. The Baseg Ridge located in the central part of the forest gave the name to the reservation park.

The Baseg Ridge is included in the group of western mountains of the Middle Ural.

The highest point of the reservation is the central peak of the Ridge – the Middle Baseg Mountain, 994m height. Boulder terraces are covered by woods and leading to rock glaciers – “mountain rivers” – narrow rocky placer deposits are strongly showed on the mountain peaks. Big and small rocks cover the mountains slowly, 1mm a year, creeping down the slopes. Crustose lichens on the rocks are of different colors: black, brown, red, yellow. They create a unique colorful ornament on the rocks. Under the influence of rain and wind destructing the mountains during many hundreds of years the buttes appeared on their peaks. These buttes are either single standing or plenty of rocks. Watching them one can notice that they resemble different figures, for example, there is one butte which looks like a camel. Another one looks like a head of a dog etc.

The territory is a conservation area, the entrance is strictly regulated. All the questions should be asked in the directorate of the reservation.

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Tel.: +7 (34-250) 2-74-49 

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