U Mosta – Perm Municipal Theater

Perm, Theaters

The first mystical theater in the world. The founder and artistic director of the theater is the director famous in Russia and worldwide – Sergey Fedotov. Here, they conduct the performances on the works of N. Gogol, M. Bulgakov, W. Shakespeare, L. Andreev, F. Dostoevsky, E. Schwartz, and B. Stoker. For the first time in Russia the plays of the famous Irish playwright Martin McDonagh were produced here.

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Address: Perm, Kuybysheva, 11
Telephone: +7 (342) 237-52-55, +7 (342) 237-52-42
Web- site: http://teatr-umosta.ru/
Е-mail: umosta2007@mail.ru

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ВизитПермь Контакты:
Адрес: ул. Ленина, 39 614000 Пермь,
Телефон:+7 (342) 214 10 80, Электронная почта: info@visitperm.ru