The Komi-Permyak drama theatre n.a. M.Gorkiy

Kudymkar, Theaters

The theatre was founded in the 1920s when the artistic and industrial workshops and a drama club were founded. More than 45 thousand performances have been played for 76 years. More than 10 million people saw the performances.    

Today the theatre is one of the oldest in the Western Urals and the most active cultural centre of the Komi-Permyak District. The national drama is associated with names of the Komi-Permyak playwrights and writers: A. Zubov, S. Mozhaev, N. Bormotov, M. Storozheva, F. Istomin, A. Kleshchin, V. Klimov, T. Fadeyev, A. Radostev. 

They out on stage plays of the Russian and foreign classics and modern writers’ plays. Performances are based on the Komi-Permyak folklore won renown at the Russian and International theatre festivals. In 2007, People's Artist of the RSFSR, winner of the Stanislavsky State Prize Vladimir Gulyaev, who has been the art director of the theatre for 30 years, was awarded with the Golden Mask Award.

Address: Kudymkar, str. Gagarina 6
Tel.: +7 (34260) 41-606, +7 (34260) 47-344, +7 (34260) 41-640

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