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Theater-theater is a new name of the well-known Perm Academic Drama Theatre. Drama Theatre was founded in 1927 as a Young Workers Theater – YWT. In the early 1930s, the graduates of the Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS) joined the troupe. The theater obtained its permanent building in 1948.

In different years the directors and actors whose names are associated with the formation of the Perm theater, its style and repertoire worked in the theater: 1928-35 – N. N. Novikov; 1947-60 – A. G. Bartashev, 1967-1990 – I. T. Bobylev. The theater stage hosted the People’s Artists of the USSR M. A. Zakharov, L. V. Mosolova; People’s Artists of the Russian Federation V.N. Emelyanov, G. I. Burkov.

The unusual name of the theater emphasizes its particular desire to work in a variety of the theatrical forms and genres.

The main line of the theater repertoire is the performances of Russian and foreign classics (“Midsummer Night's Dream”, “Hamlet”, “Unendowed Bride”, etc.), performances in the musical genre (“Vladimirskaya Square”, “Zhivago”) modern ballet of E. Panfilov.

And every year the theater adapts for stage one performance for children. Since November 2007, an international festival-forum “The space of art direction” is conducted. The symphonic orchestra is actively engaged in the theater repertoire, but also conducts the independent concerts. The main theater director is B. Milgram.

Address: Perm, Lenina, 53
Telephone: +7 (342) 201-76-26

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