Evgeny Panfilov Ballet Theatre

Perm, Theaters

The Evgeny Panfilov Ballet Theatre was founded as a unique theatrical association consisting of three choreographic troops: “The Evgeny Panfilov Ballet”, “Ballet of the Fat” (founded in 1994) and “The Fight Club” (2001) with different dancing aesthetics connected by the unique style of choreographer Evgeny Panfilov (1955-2002), prize-winner of the All-Soviet Union and International Awards, prize-winner of the RF Government Fedor Volkov Prize, recipient of the National Golden Mask Awards. Since its foundation the Evgeny Panfilov Ballet Theatre represented Perm at the National theatre Festival and the Golden Mask Award nine times. These ballets have already become classics of the modern choreography: “8 Russian songs”, “Romeo and Juliette”, “The Blocade” and many others.

The first Golden Mask was received by the famous but choreographically unprofessional Ballet of the Fat for “The women. 1945.” On the 17th of April, 2006 the Golden Mask for the Modern Dance went to the performance “The Parrot Cage”. The one-act choreographic set “The Parrot Cage” to music by Georges Bizet – Rodion Shchedrin “Carmen Suite”  was presented to the public for the first time in 1992. On May 18th 2005 the first night of the remake took place as part of the International festival “The Diaghilev Seasons”. Evgeny Panfilov was the author of the libretto, choreographer, stage director and scenographer of the ballet.

Address: Perm, str. Petropavlovskaya, 185
Tel.: +7 (342) 237-09-98
e-mail: ballet.panfilov@gmail.com 

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