Berezniki Municipal Dramatic Theatre

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Berezniki Municipal Dramatic Theatre is one of the oldest theatres of the region. It is not only the cultural centre of the city but of the whole Verkhnekamye (the northern part of the Perm Region). The Theatre has different stagings, which suit even the most fastidious taste in its repertoire – comedies and tragedies, musicals, dramas and a lot of colorful musical fairy tales. 

A range of musical-dramatic works on the school literature programme was prepared especiallyto “help” school students: “Poets of the Silver Age. A poet’s destiny”, “Hoorah for Pushkin!”, “Life, tears and love…” (Leo Tolstoy “war and Peace”, Alexander Pushkin “Eugene Onegin”). The Theatre organizes spectators’ conferences, meetings with actors, excursions to the Theatre backstage.

Address: str.L'va Tolstogo, 50. Berezniki
Tel.: +7 (3424) 229-721, +7 (3424) 229-743

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