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Music is the people's soul. This well-known truth can be illustrated by the history of the Perm regional Philharmonic Hall, which 80-years history demonstrates that each year is prticular. In real life, like in gamut, the rise from the lower "DO" to the most high, jubilee, music is full of dramatic collisions and high charged environment.

Perm has always lived by music. It was heard from the houses, sounded from the grounds of a country garden, from the windows of the houses of workers ' settlements. Among the citizens the home musical evenings, as, for instance, in the Dyagilev's house on Sibirskaya street, were the most popular.

A huge role in musical "education"  of Perm citizens played folk choirs, created and sponsored by the Opera singer and a passionate promoter of choral singing Alexander Gorodtsov. More over the 140 years-old first in the Urals music theatre has also made its contribution in Perm musical life. Concerts in nobility and the merchants ' club became a tradition. The city started accepting guest actors.

The city quickly grew and becoming more mature. A new people's class has appeared -the factory intelligentsia, for which music was a necessary constituent of existence. And the state was interested in educating people. Perm felt lack of certain system for the concert activity organization.

In the neighboring Sverdlovsk such a concert organization had been exhisted. So, Perm (Molotov) opened one of its branch. Two years later the Department was renamedto the Perm Philharmonic Hall. The exact date of "birth" of the Perm Philharmonic Hall is January 3, 1936. Just then the concert and theatrical Bureau, whose Director was Andrey Belokopytov, has been established. 

On the 7th of September 2001 by order of the Governor of the Perm region, the decision on reconstruction of the conference hall has been accepted. The reconstruction assumed the installation of pipe organ and creation of the state-of-the-art concert hall. The experts had concerns when plaaning, as it was close to the tram line and the street was too noisy. However, the studies gave a positive assessment: the pipe organ can be installed!..

During the international tender the manufacturer - Clatter–Cotz Orgelbau CmbH (Owingen, Baden-württemberg, Germany) was determined, known for its pipe organs installed in South Korea, Ireland, USA. Perm has become the first russian city.

Beggining from the 20th of December 2003 Perm hosts an increasing stream of musicians from around the world. The unique acoustics of the Organ hall attract various artists: from piano, violin, guitar to ensembles, choirs, orchestras.

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