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One-storey stone house on the corner of Pushkin and Sibirskaya streets was built in 1852 by the architect R. O. Karwowski in the style of late classicism. In 1862 the house was purchased by P. D. Dyagilev – the father of the famous Russian impresario S. P. Dyagilev, reformer of theater, organizer of the creative association of young artists “World of Art”, the famous Tauride exhibition of historical portrait, “Russian Seasons” in Paris, and tours of Russian ballet around the world.

Sergey grew up in this house from the age of 10 to 18 years. The House of Dyagilev was always dominated by music and art; the literary evenings and performances were conducted there too. When Sergey grew up, he began to organize the concerts and performances that took place in the halls of the Noble Assembly. In 1890 Sergey graduated from Perm High School and went to St. Petersburg. Later, the whole Dyaghilev family left Perm. The house was purchased by the City society and district council. In 1895 the building was occupied by Alexandrinskaya women’s gymnasium. This is one of the oldest educational institutions of Russia; its age is more than 100 years. Today it is a gymnasium No. 11 named after S. P. Dyagilev. In 1990, at the initiative of the director of gymnasium and the intellectuals of the city, the cultural charity foundation “House of Dyagilev” the purpose of which was to collect the materials about the life and work of S. P. Dyagilev, his family and companions was created. The task of the foundation and the museum is a research and revival of the national cultural heritage associated with the name of one of the greatest sons of Russia. The interiors of the dining room and living room are restored in the house, and the conferences and literary and musical evenings are conducted in the spacious hall of the winter garden. The teachers and students arrange an excursion around the House of Dyagilev. During the year the museum excursions are visited by more than 2.000 people – these are pupils, students, intellectuals of the city and the region, guests from many cities of Russia. Perm Museum is known not only in Russia but also abroad. The museum displays the items and photographs belonging to the family of Dyagilev.

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