Faith History Museum

Cherdyn, Museums

It is located in the building of Uspenskaya Church built in 1784. It was opened on August 28, 2000, on the day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The idea of creating in Cherdyn faith history museum dedicated to the history of the Russian Orthodox Church was proposed by the staff of the Cherdyn Museum of Local Lore, History and Economy named after A. S. Pushkin and was supported by the head of the local government of Cherdynsky district S. F. Miller and the scientific community of the Kama region.

The expositions of the museum called “The Churches of Cherdyn Land” are located on two floors. The first thing that immediately catches the eye of visitors is a painting on the theme of “Last Judgment” performed on the wall at the entrance to the refectory. After the revolution, the mural was painted by a dense layer of oil paint, but suddely, as the museum employees say, revealed itself on September 11, 2001.

All the paintings on the walls and ceilings are performed by artificer Safonov, supplier of the Imperial Palace. The clergy vestments, sacred vessels, icons particularly revered in Russia and Cherdyn region are presented to the attention of guests: St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, St. Righteous Simeon Verhotulsky, St. Great Martyr Paraskeva, St. reverend Seraphim Sarovsky, etc.

The exhibition demonstrates the unique Holy Shrouds embroidered with silver and gold threads, the smallest beads, silver halos with amethyst and rock crystal; icons and temple utensils, as well as Perm wooden sculpture. The iconostasis on the second floor was restored according to the draft of A.V. Fedoseev.

Address: Cherdyn, Uspenskaya, 59
Telephone: +7 (34240) 2-93-02

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