Epiphany Church

Solikamsk, Museums

The Epiphany church takes a special place in the central assembly. It was built in the period 1687-1695. 

Old architecture masters grouped together different sized figures. In the centre of the construction is the cubical main cathedral, from the east – a small chancel, from the west – a spacious monastery canteen and a bell tower, from the south – a side-cathedral. The bell tower is built as a “vosmyorik na chetvyorik” construction and is overarched with a tented roof. (“Vosmyorik na chetvyorik” is a type of an architectural composition of a church building; the upper octagonal part of the cathedral (vosmyorik) is put on a lower part (chetvyorik)). 

The cathedral front piece is encircled with architectural decorations under which there is a double row of glazed tiles ornamented with birds and flowers. The entire front elevation is decorated with the richest stone carving: white-stone architraves, laces and delicate crosses upon the domes, reedings, semi-columns, balusters, beads, cable stitches. “Zhuchok” style characteristic for Moscow barocco is generally used here. (“Zhuchok” style is brickwork which consists of figures similar to a small bug or a Russian letter “Ж”. “Zhuchok” is a Russian equivalent for a “small bug”.) 

The iconostasis plays the main role in the interior decoration of the cathedral. Carved four-decked iconostasis consisting of icons placed onhorizontal transoms is embodied in barocco style and contains the richest collection of icons of XVII-XIX centuries. 

The iconostasis is a great example of art of Solikamsk cutters and icon painters. A museum exposition “Artistic culture of the Perm Region at the beginning XVII – middle XIX centuries” is held at the Epiphany Church.

Address: Solikamsk, str. Naberezhnaya, 93

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