Architectural and Ethnographical Complex “Saygatka”

Tchaikovsky, Museums

Architectural and Ethnographical Complex “Saygatka” is situated within the town Tchaikovsky on the place of ancient Saygatka village known from 1646. A part of the main street and some lanes in the village and a house of an Old Believer peasant, which is used as a museum are preserved until the present day. The ethnographical Museum is a former peasant “smoky” hut of an Old Believer Yefim Schelkanov of XVIII century. The authentic interior of the “smoky” hut was retained. A “black” bathhouse in the farmstead was reconstructed, too. In 1989 the house considered to a monument of the local significance. It is the only monument of wooden architecture art of XVIII century in the Tchaikovsky district. 

In addition to excursions which acquaint visitors with the peasant household of those times the stylize performances on Christmas fortunetelling, carol and Maslenitsa (Mardi Gras) are held in the hut. Each spectator can become a participant of the performance.

Address: str. Gagarina, Tchaikovsky

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