Architectural and Ethnographic Museum Khokhlovka

Perm, Museums

Works only on request in winter. The Museum was established in 1969 and was opened for the first visitors on the 17th of September, 1980. It is situated 40km from Perm, which is about one hour driving by bus. It is a museum complex of federal significance. 

The accommodation and farm buildings of the XVII-XX centuries, which were brought together from the entire Perm Region were recreated on the picturesque high cape surrounded by the waters of the Kama reservoir. 

The museum complex is divided into sectors according to the ethnographical areas of the region: the North-Western Prikamye (the Komi-Permyak sector), the Northern Prikamye, and the Southern Prikamye, where salt industry and agriculture complexes and the “Hunting encampment” are distinguished. 

There are 23 monuments on the territory of the museum complex; the construction and art culture of the wooden architecture of Prikamye folks, the masterly craftsmanship of woodworkers and wood carvers are embodied in these monuments. The unique monuments: the church of Transfiguration in Yanidor village in Tcherdin Region (1702) where the “kreschataya bochka” – a decorative element on the roof is saved (“kreschataya bochka” is a heightened and outstretched roof which has a form of a semi-cylinder with the keel-shaped end; was popular in the wooden art culture of the Russian North); the watchtower of the Torgovischensky burg (a copy, the beginning of XX century); the saltern courtyard of the salt producing factory in Ust-Borovsk city (the brine-lifting tower, a bin for salt storage, a salt pan and a barn).

Yet there is a windmill, a firehouse, a pyramidal bell tower, bathhouses, a barnyard on the territory of the Museum with the area of 40 hectares. 

Sightseeing and thematic excursions are held in the Museum; also, folk festivals are celebrated: “The Maslenitsa send-off”, “The Savior of the Apple” and other folklore feasts. 

Plain-airs for artists, architects, sculptors, arts and crafts masters are also held there; art and selling exhibitions are organized. The Museum is a place for scientific conferences, seminars, and corporate parties. All the “exhibit items” of the wooden art Museum are situated in the open air. 

Visiting the wooden art Museum “Khokhlovka” impresses its visitors not only with architecture monuments, but with the authentic Ural landscape, which looks splendid at any season of the year. To visit the Museum one should be dressed up properly, because the territory of the Museum is open for the wind which blows from the waters of Kama.

Address: Perm region, village Khokhlovka
Tel.: + 7 (342) 299-71-82

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