Ilyinsky, Living history

The park is located on the southern outskirts of the village Ilyinsky in Kuzminsky ravine. It was founded in 1848 by the chief forester of the Stroganov estate A. Teploukhov as an experimental site. It was the first forest nursery in Russia. This forest park had a collection of willows and other shrubs, housed a live collection of herbaceous plants. Nowadays the park has changed a bit.

The rows of pines and spruces, larch alleys have survived among the trees. Larches reach a diameter of 62 cm with a height of 35 m. On the slopes the shrubs have grown, such as caragana arborescens and dog-rose, cotoneaster. In the 1970s the grave and the gravestone of A. E. Teploukhov were transferred here.

Nowadays «Kuzminka» is a historical monument of the development of national scientific forestry, it’s the botanical garden and the museum of rare plants, having an area of 6.4 hectares. The real number of the plants is about 250 - 300 species. There is a small pond on the River Kuzminka and the source for water intake in the park.

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