Nikolsky Spring

Cherdyn, Living history

Nikolsky Spring is located on the right at the entrance to Nyrob Village. The water is incredibly tasty and returns the powers to the traveler.

The legend says that in 1619 an icon of St. Nicholas appeared on a stump in a small ravine surrounded by century-old fir trees, and the spring started to flow. The merchants passing with the goods by Pechora Tract repeatedly took away the icon to Cherdyn, but each time it miraculously returned to Nyrob. Then for it Nikolsky Church was built in Nyrob, and over the spring – a chapel.

In XVIII-XIX century the appeared icon was carried by a sacred procession to Solikamsk. During the revolution the icon was lost, and its copy is stored in the Faith History Museum in Cherdyn. When the churches were closed, the residents of Nyrob and nearby settlements had the only opportunity to gather for the common prayers at the outskirts of town – near Nikolsky Spring. They brought the icon of St. Nicholas, lit the candles and women who knew the traditional canon conducted the feast rite which ended with the consecration of the spring water.

Today, at the site of water release, as before there is a small wooden chapel. In spring, on St. Nicholas Day – May 22 – the faithful from Nikolsky Church go in sacred procession to the spring where the water blessing rite is conducted.

     Address: Cherdyn, Nyrob

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