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The building of planetarium, the municipal cultural institution, is built in 1967 in the historic center of Perm, on the right slope of Yegoshikha River. The hall of Planetarium for 120 people has a circular shape because the machine “Planetarium” – Small Zeiss – is located in the center of it. The planetarium has unique optical equipment; the qualified specialists are working here. The popularization of astronomy is the leading activity of the institution. The pupils and students have the opportunity to study the astronomy. In the planetarium anyone can replenish the knowledge participating in the programs on geography, natural history, natural science, physics, history, world culture, environment, and space exploration.

The repertoire includes more than 100 audiovisual programs. Now star hall has the status of the intimate performance concert venue. An amazing universe is placed in the star hall “sky” and appears in all its glory. On the backgroun of a starry rain you can observe the panorama of the Moon and Mars, go to the jungle and the North Pole, fly around the moon and see how the fire ball is falling, observe the solar and lunar eclipses, and the parade of planets. In the planetarium you can see the stars on a clear sunny day that is to see both the sun and the stars as the astronauts see it from the spaceship board.

Address: Perm, Gagarina Avenue, 27а
Telephone: +7 (342) 260-41-29

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