Perm Zoo

Perm, For Children

Perm Zoo began its history in 1922 with a small “Nature corner” in Perm Regional Museum, and only since 1933 it began to work as an independent organization. Because of the adjoining buildings the area has been increasing and now it is about 2.2 hectare. The two-storeyed building “Aquaterrarium” opened to visitors in 1989 is a part of the area. There are children’s corner with swings, roundabouts and ladders, and working buffet in the zoo territory. In summer time stalls selling ice cream, pastries, refreshing drinks, sweets, balloons, children’s toys and working all-prize lottery. In summer a free children’s playground and a contact zoo “Children’s Yard” open every day. Such animals as lambs, rabbits, meet children and allow to pet and to feed themselves with a great pleasure. 

Perm Zoo works all year round, seven days a week:  9:00 - 20:00 p.m from 1st April to 30th September and 10:00 a.m – 18:00 p.m from 1st October to 31th March, ticket offices are closed one hour earlier at this time of the year.

Photos by Tourist information center.

Address: Perm, str. Monastyrskaya 10
Tel. +7 (342) 212-26-21

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