Gorky Park

Perm, For Children

Gorky Park in Perm is one of the oldest parks in Russia, in 2004 it reached the age of 200 years.

The recent history of the park began in 2002. Over the past five years, the staff of the Central amusement park named after M. Gorky managed to occupy in the contest “Crystal Wheel” in 2006 the first place among the parks of Russia and CIS countries. Today, over 1 million people a year visit the park. Its territory is divided into several main sectors: family, youth, adolescence, central and administrative. At the territory there are the plans for the park on which these sectors are highlighted in color, and all the facilities of the park are numbered.

Own program of the park includes the work of the permanent groups of animators for the entertainment of children, street musicians, and unique wind retro-orkestra. The park cherishes a lot its personal inventions – holidays “Circle of friends of the park”, “New Year Grand Ice City” and the largest in Russia International Festival of snow and ice sculptures “Snow, Ice and Fire!”

Two years ago, for the first time the festival of twins was conducted, and it is planned to make it the annual holiday. The family competitive and entertainment program “Funny Weekend” is carried out every weekend in the park. At the beginning of the summer season new fabulous residents appeared in the park. These are the keeper of the traditions and history of the park Grandmother Rotunda, cheerful creature which distributes the smiles, Parkusha, as well as pony Karamelka and dog Dik.

This season new entertainment complexes appeared in the park. Extreme attraction Super Spin. In addition, the park opened a brand new family attraction Skipjack, for kids - Funny Cars, as well as Dracula Castle. All of them meet the basic requirements to the safety and comfort.

Unusual picture for the visitors is the organ grinder walking through the park and performing the favorite tunes of the visitors.

Photos by Tourist information center.

Address: Perm, Sibirskaya street, 49
Telephone: +7 (342) 244-39-47
Web-site: http://www.parkperm.ru/

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