Balatovo Recreation and Entertainment Park

Perm, For Children

Balatovo park is located at the territory of Chernyayevsky forest, in the Industrialny and Dzerzhinsky districts of the city. Such large forest in the city is a rarity for large industrial cities. Convenient location of the forest park, equipped hiking routes, sports fields, running tracks, and ski slopes (in winter).

The symbol of the park, a huge “Panoramic Wheel”, meets each visitor and informs from afar: “Entertainment and attractions are here”. The numerous attractions offered by the park begin with it. With the craze for sports and a healthy lifestyle the park began to develop the different areas of outdoor activities. Paintball, football, volleyball, and horse riding are just some of them. The structures for extreme sports are rarely empty – they have become a favorite vacation spot of teenagers.

In winter, the park offers the ski and skates for hire. On weekends and holidays, all the visitors to the park can participate in the entertainment programs for children and adults: competitions, performances of professional artists and amateur groups, quizzes, discos. Each holiday has its own surprises. Participants and draws The park presents soft toys, sweets, etc. to the participants of the contests and prize draws.

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Address: Perm, Gatchinskaya street, 17а
Phone: +7 (342) 222-27-22

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