Savior of the Honey Feast Day – Folk Festival

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The distric holiday “Savior of the Honey Feast Day” – regional honey festival – is conducted annually in August in Uinskoye Village.

This festibval gathers the guests from different areas of Perm region to demonstrate and taste the honey. The guests are provided also with possibility to taste the mead and purchase the products of local craftsmen who keep the traditions of folk crafts. During festival you can not only purchase the barrels, lacework and baskets, but also see how the old weaving machine and spindle machine are working.

If you wish, you can walk along the strand of Uinsky pond where, incidentally, the carps can be found. The tradition of celebrating the Savior of the Honey Feast Day originates from the old times. It is celebrated on August 14 (under New Style Calendar). By this time, according to national signs, the bees cease to carry out the honey gathering from flowers. It is time to cut and “break off” the honeycombs in the hive.

The cut honeycombs are brought to the church for the consecration, and in remembrance of their parents. According to tradition, first the fresh honey shall be consecrated, and only then the trade can be started. The honey from various areas of the Kama Region is presented at the festival – floral, thistle, garden angelica and white honey, etc.

The residents of Uinsky district, the hosts of the festival, believe that the future of their region is associated directly with beekeeping. The district actively restores the traditions of beekeeping. The honey from Uinskoye reservation is tasty, aromatic and useful both under its components and tastiness, and according to the experts, practically it is as good as the Bashkir honey famous in Russia.

The protected reserve “Raspberry Farm” (“Malinovy Khutor”) is located at the district territory – a habitat of the unique Verkhnekamsk Central Russian bees. In addition, Uinsky district is recognized as one of the ecologically clean and unique regions of Russia because of its natural characteristics. Who knows, maybe namely Uinskoye will become the capital of apiculture development, because the honey festival has already become a regional festival.

Address: Uinskoye

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