Interregional Festival of Blacksmith Art “The Lights of Hephaestus”

Solikamsk, Festivals and Exhibitions

The festival of blacksmith art “The Lights Hephaestus” is held at the territory of the unique central architectural ensemble of Solikamsk since 2006. The festival has an annual status and gathers the artists and fans of the blacksmith art from the different regions of Russia. The number of participants increases year by year. The representatives of this honorable man’s profession – blacksmiths – arrive to the center of Solikamsk from the different cities of Russia. “The Lights of Hephaestus” is a real show of skill and fire, the festival of courage and hard work. The competition of artistic forging which already became a tradition is held among the blacksmiths. The members of the professional jury, the spectators and the guests of the festival assess the skills of the blacksmiths. The evaluation criteria include the quality of manufacturing, originality of design and artistic level of performance.

Throughout the festival the spectators are able not only to watch the magical process of the forged products creation, but they themselves can try their hand in the art of blacksmithing. The scene demonstrates the theatrical show transporting the audience from one era to another, from the ancient Greece to the earth of Solikamsk. The entertainment program is organized for the residents and visitors of the city. Everyone can participate in the master class of craftsmen, make purchases at the fair of folk crafts and compete for prizes in the competitions.

The main tasks of the festival are the preservation, development and popularization of folk traditions. The organizers seek to revive the ancient art of blacksmithing and pass this craft to the younger generation. Namely the revival of indigenously Russian crafts and traditions can become a bridge to the development of cultural exchange and cooperation with the representatives of other countries and peoples.

The blacksmiths from Perm region and other regions of Russia participate in the festival.

The forum of blacksmith art and folk crafts is held within the festival.

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