International ethno futuristic festival KAMWA

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Throughout its existence, the KAMWA festival has brought many guests from different countries and nationalities, young talented musicians, artists and on-stage performance groups to the land of Prikamye. Perm was hostile to many people by opening new space for communication and understanding each other.

The KAMWA festival gave us meetings with the Irish dance and the Indian raga, acquainted us with the sounds of the Australian didgeridoo and the Scottish marsh of bagpipes, the Mordovia hymn and the Russian ballade. In the Living stream of time many people discovered the wisdom of the old song and the beauty of the ancient ornament for themselves. In the common polyphony the melody of Finnish kanteles, African drums, Norwegian violins and shaman mouth harps was speaking. 

The great Ural Kama River brought a name to the KAMWA festival by connecting two ancient roots:  KAM – a man, a shaman, and WA – water, and mixing up in a single living stream the past and the present, traditional and modern. KAMWA became an annual holiday for all those who love this land, who takes care of history and holds a magic world of legends in their souls. 

KAMWA is a magic festival. It was called so by foreign guests. Generally, because of the special spirit of love and kindness, which prevails in the atmosphere during all the festival and lasts for a long time afterwards in the memories of Perm and Perm people.

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