Festival of the Tatars and Bashkirs Bard-Zien

Barda, Festivals and Exhibitions

It is said that to know better the soul of the people it is necessary to visit the festival, for example, such as Bard-zien. It is conducted annually in the warm and bright days of June when the spring peasant concerns are over and the harvest is still far.

Wherever the Tatars and Bashkirs are living the sabantuys are carried out after the intense spring work. And honoring the work of farmers forms the basis of Bard-zien too. But the significance and content of Bard-zien is much broader: it is a holiday for everyone, festival of labor, arts and sports. And also it is an amazing and beautiful show.

And nearby there is a large meadow where everything is ready for the horse races. Horse racing is one of the brightest competitions at the festival. More and more spectators and fans gather around the small area where kuresh (national wrestling) begins. This along with horse races is a chief attraction of the program. Under the scorching sun the audience is ready to wait for the final when the name of batyr is known – absolute champion of Bard-zien whose name already in the evening will be know, in all the villages and rural settlemts. Until the next Bard-zien the winner becomes the most popular man in the area.

During Bard-zien everyone can participate in any kind of program. If you want – you can go on the carpet to match themselves against a worthy opponent to fight; if you want – you can show your skills in climbing the pole; if you want – you can go on stage... For children the small stage is built and the special competitions are organized. According to the ancient tradition the participants of the games and competitions receive gifts that are prepared in advance according to the custom and collected from all the villages.

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