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The International Diaghilev Festival, established in Perm, aims to maintain and develop the traditions of the outstanding impresario and agitator of Russian culture Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev.

It is hardly accidental that it was the Perm Academical Opera and Ballet Theatre named after P. I. Tchaikovsky, which initiated the first Diaghilev’s festival in Russia. The art director of the festival is the art director of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, the laureate of state prize of Russia, the laureate of the Prize named after F. Bolkov and Russian Federation Government Prize Georgy Isaakyan.

Perm is the city, where Sergei Diaghilev spent his childhood and where is the world’s only house-museum of the legendary impresario located. The building of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre was constructed thanks to significant financial support of the Diaghilevs. They are Perm, Saint Petersburg and Paris (three cities noted in the name of the festival) that played a special role in Diaghilev’s fate and marked the stages of his rise to the heights of world fame.

A distinctive feature of the Perm festival is not only the venue, but also its multi-genre nature. Sergei Diaghilev’s diversified activities related to opera and ballet theatre, music, visual art, publishing are the structural model of the festival and are realized as the complex of art events and scientific and research symposia. 

The festival programme includes world premiers of opera and ballet performances, panorama of performances of modern dance troupes, art exhibitions, concerts of symphonic, chamber, organ and jazz music, a retrospective of feature films, photo exhibitions. The important parts of the festival are the international symposium «Diaghilev Readings», the international seminar on musical theatre and roundtables on the problems of opera and ballet art, as well as the first competition in the cultural Russian history for the best producer project. All these things make the festival a unique cultural event in the life of Russia.

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