Arabesque — Russian Ballet Competition

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"Arabesque" — is the Russian ballet competition open for participation of foreigners. Since 1990, it was attended by about 400 young ballet dancers and students of dance schools, almost all musical theatres in Russia, the former Soviet republics, as well as ballet theatres and groups from Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, Egypt, Ireland, Mexico, Mongolia, Slovenia, USA, Turkey, Croatia, South Korea, Japan.

The art director of the competition is the People's Artist of the USSR Vladimir Vasilyev. In 1990, 1992 and 1994 he was also the chairman of the jury, and since 1996 the jury is headed by the honored actress of the USSR Ekaterina Maximova. Such important people were juries as Vyacheslav Gordeev, Raisa Struchkova, Evgeny Valukin (Moscow), Gabriela Komleva, Nikolay Boyarchikov (St.-Petersburg), Lyudmila Sakharova, Kirill Shmorgoner (Perm), Leonora Kuvatova (Ufa), and also Yury Zorich (USA), Kendzi Usui and Kiozo Mitani (Japan), Vera Kirova (Bulgaria), Irina Baronova (Great Britain), Dietmar Seiffert (Germany), Zhamyandagva Balzhinnyam (Mongolia) and many others. Since 1994, the competition "Arabesque" has been recognized by UNESCO and taken under its patronage. The president of the International Dance Council at UNESCO Milorad Miskovich (France) has twice been on the jury of the contest. The competition "Arabesque" has already become traditional and takes place in the Perm Opera Ballet Theatre, one of the oldest theatres of Russia. 

The main task of Russia's only open Ballet Competition "Arabesque" has always been the striving for discovering new names, providing the scene to the young performers of multinational Russia, to contributing to the promotion of the classical heritage, the development of modern choreography and strengthening the contacts with foreign representatives of the ballet. 

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