Solikamsk, Churches

Resurrection Church was founded in 1714 on the site of two burnt wooden churches. Originally the Winter Temple was built, and later became the Christmas chapel of  Resurrection Summer Temple built at 1725. The Church has taken a leading place near the Trade Square. The large five-domed temple, square refectory and winter chapel are put on high basement.

The chapel of St. Paraskeva was in one of its tabernacles. Basement rooms served as storehouses of merchant goods and opened on the Trade Square. 

The three-tiered octahedral belfry rose above the church porch. The heads of the temple and the belfry were dismantled in 1934. But despite the loss, the Temple plays its role in the central ensemble. The department of funds of the Urban Local History Museum has been there since 1995. In addition, there is a unique archive, a local history library and a reading room.

Address: Solikamsk, str. Naberezhnaya 90,

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